Home loans with built-in down payment and closing cost assistance.

VHDA FHA Plus Loans are VHDA-financed FHA-insured home loans that include a second mortgage. This structure is designed to help qualified borrowers who need down payment and closing costs assistance when buying their home.

Key Features of VHDA FHA Plus Loans

FHA-fixed first mortgage

FHA loans are not just for those looking to put less money down, they are also for those looking for more lenient lending requirements.

Second mortgage 3.5% - 5.00% based on credit score

Low interest rates on the second mortgage makes VHDA FHA Plus loans a viable option for homebuyers looking for more flexible options.

100% Financing available

With 100% financing options available, VHDA FHA Plus loans are a great option for homebuyers regardless of their down payment plans.

Benefits Of VHDA FHA Plus Loans

  • FHA-fixed first mortgage
  • 100% financing, no downpayment cash needed with FHA Plus 2nd mortgage
  • Second mortgage 3.5% – 5.00% based on credit score
  • Low payments on the second mortgage.
  • Could reduce federal taxes owed
  • Liberal credit qualifying

Additional Highlights of VHDA FHA Plus Loans

  • Low 30-year fixed interest rate
  • Second mortgage covers all required downpayment
  • Credit scores 680 and greater can receive additional funds for closing costs
  • Second mortgage for 30-year term
  • Eligible for Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)
  • Credit scores as low as 620

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