Home Loan Checklist

When buying a home, there are many documents you'll need to provide to your loan officer. Here's an easy to use list to help you stay on track and organized*.

Last two most recent pay stubs

Providing copies of your last two most recent pay stubs helps to show proof of income and steady employment. Additional documentation may be needed depending on the content of what you provide and the home loan you're applying for.

Last two years W-2s

Supplying W-2 documentation for the last two years goes towards showing long term employment. Depending on your income history and the size of the loan, you may also have to show additional paperwork.

Last two years signed tax returns

Along with your W-2s and pay stubs, your tax returns go towards showing proof of income. Your tax returns also show the source of your income. If you're self employed, there may be additional steps required to secure the right loan for you.

Last two months bank statements

Along with two months bank statements, we require statements for the past two months for all accounts, including 401(k), IRA, investment, stock and mutual funds. This information is provided to show current assets and liabilities.

Valid, government-issued ID

A Valid, government-issued ID proves your identity. Acceptable forms of this ID can include a valid driver's license, military ID or social security card.

Additional documents you may need:

Current LES for Military buyers (VA Loans)
Certificate of Eligibility, Statement of Service, or DD214 (VA Loans)
Divorce Decree & separation agreement
Additional ID, Financial, or Required Documentation*

*All home loans are different. Your specific needs may require additional documentation. Please speak with your Southern Trust Mortgage Loan Officer for details regarding your individual requirements.

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