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Top 10 Must Know Zoom Video Call Tips

Top 10 Must Know Zoom Video Call Tips

Does working from home have you diving into video call apps like Zoom more often? Video meeting platforms have become wildly popular by hosting millions of people working and studying from home during this unprecedented time. No matter if you’ve been using a video calling platform for years or have only just started, our team has compiled our top tips to upgrade your video chatting experience.

Tip #1: Pretend that the camera is ALWAYS on.

When you join a call assume you are immediately on camera and everyone can hear and see you. If needed – tape a small piece of paper over your camera so when you are ready to be on camera you can take the paper off so you aren’t caught off guard.

Tip #2: Make the call from the device with the best internet connection.

When possible always join a Zoom or video call from your computer. Yes, you can do it from your phone but usually, the connection will be unstable. If you must join for your phone, turn your video off unless you can hold your phone in a stable position.

Tip #3: Focus. Focus. Focus.

When you are on the call, be on the call. We can all see you checking your phone, reading your screen, or worse yet we can all hear you hammering away typing on your computer. Be present!

Tip #4: Don’t call in the dark.

Lighting is important – face a window if you can or turn on all the lights in your room to make it bright. Avoid being in a room with can lights over your head or a window behind you – it makes it very hard for people to see you.

Tip #5: Dress for the call as if you were meeting in-person.

Get dressed for success! Just because we are all working from home doesn’t mean we don’t have to be professional, right?

Tip #6: Dial in your camera position.

Face the camera head-on – not too high or not too low. If needed adjust your chair or the tilt of your laptop screen. We don’t want to be looking up your nose for the entire meeting!

Tip #7: Use chat to supplement the experience.

Use the chat! People can easily submit questions, share feedback and share links using the chat to minimize interruptions and getting off-topic.

Tip #8: The mute button is your friend.

Get to know the mute button well. If you are on a call with more than 2 people – mute yourself and know how to unmute yourself.

Tip #9: Video calls do not mean a casual tone.

Act professionally! Treat people as you would want to be treated. It may feel like a more casual setting but our words now matter more than ever – be professional, be kind.

Tip #10: Minimize feedback with headphones.

Use earbuds if you have them handy – the Apple ones work great because they have a mic. If you are just talking into your computer the sound may echo.

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