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Good (and not so good) Places to Hide House Keys

Let’s face it, we all lock ourselves out of the house sometimes.

A common way to avoid the frustration of sitting outside waiting for a locksmith is to hide a spare key. The problem is, burglars often know the most commonly considered hiding places. Homeowners need to be very careful when choosing where to place a spare key. It is a balancing act between having it easily accessible to you, yet discreet enough so that unwanted guests can’t find it. Here are some of the best and worst places we’ve found…

The Good:


A trustworthy neighbor is a great place to keep an extra key. But if you get locked out during the day while your neighbor is at work, or at night when the household is asleep, you could still end up in a predicament. Have a backup plan. If you happen to trust more than one neighbor or close by household, give a few keys out. The more people that have them that you trust, the better chance someone will be home if you are in need of a spare.

Properly placed faux rock key hiders

and other garden décor are inexpensive and simple solutions. With modern improvements, they don’t even look tacky anymore! They come in various styles and sizes, and they can easily blend in with many types of landscaping. Just don’t forget where you put it!

The Seams of Exterior Siding

sometimes have room for a key. Tie a fishing line loop to the end of your spare key and then slide the key between the seams, leaving a bit of the fishing line exposed. If you get locked out, give the line a tug. Easy Peasy.

If you have a back deck with access underneath,

you can hammer a small nail and hang a spare key in a secret spot. Make sure to place the nail directly under a “landmark” item so you know right where to look when you need it. Some suggestions would be a potted plant or the grill.

“It is a balancing act between having it easily accessible to you, yet discreet enough so that unwanted guests can’t find it.”

The Not-So-Good:

Under The Mat

Under the welcome mat or a flower pot near the front door. Not only are these the most convenient hiding places, they are also the first places a burglar will check.

Faux Rocks (again)

Improperly placed faux rocks or other garden key hiders are a dead giveaway. A random rock sitting in the middle of an otherwise “rock-less” garden sticks out like a sore thumb. Unless they blend into the surrounding landscape, they will be easy for burglars to spot, who often know many of these devices by sight.

Your Wallet

Your wallet might seem like a safe place at first thought. But if your wallet is lost or stolen, a thief will not only have your house key, your home address as well.

Your Car

This may seem like something you’ll never lose, but if you’re locked out of your house, chances are that you’re locked out of your car too! Just don’t do it…

Nothing is worse than coming home to a burglarized house and the feeling of privacy invasion. These tips can spare you the aggravation of being locked out of your home and keep you from becoming a victim of robbery.

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