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5 Tips for Painless Unpacking

Congratulations! You’ve successfully bought your home! After weeks of document-gathering, inspections, appraisals, and all the other requirements that come with purchasing a new house, you’ve signed the closing paperwork and your real estate agents has happily handed you the keys. Now, it’s time to move in! We’ve compiled just a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you undertake the moving process.

Tip #1- Pack well!

Preparation is key to any process going smoothly, and unpacking is no different; in order for your unpacking process to go forward with very few hitches, you’ll need to pack well and efficiently. Some ways you can pack well include clearly labeling each box clearly with the room they’ll be placed in when you arrive in your new home. You can also label the boxes by priority, placing a “1” on the boxes you want to unpack first, “2” for what can wait a little, and so on and so forth numerically as you have chosen to prioritize your belongings. Also, consider using packing as an opportunity to offload items you no longer need or haven’t used in a long time, be it clothing, appliances, etc. Donating items to a charity service usually has the benefit of being tax-deductible, and many charity services offer to come pick-up larger items, like couches, so you don’t have the hassle of carting things you don’t plan on keeping to your new home.

Tip #2- Clean before you unpack!

As anxious as you may be to get all your boxes inside so you can go about the business of making the house a home, try to hold off just long enough to give the place a quick cleaning. Although previous owners have surely cleaned (something you would have checked for during your final walkthrough), wipe down the counters and light switches with a disinfectant, vacuum any carpeted places in the house, sweep and mop if you’d like, and spray the bathroom surfaces with a disinfectant. This will also extend the amount of time until you next have to clean the whole house. There! Now you can unpack without worrying about germs or dust!

Tip #3- Create a map and label boxes according to their place on the map.

If you want to forego more descriptive labels or prioritized boxes, creating a map of the house and assigning numbers to different rooms could very well be an unpacking method you will prefer. For every room number you assign, give boxes that belong to the corresponding rooms the same number. Being able to see at a glance which box goes where can help when you’re unloading masses of boxes from the moving truck.

Tip #4- Carrying clothes in garbage bags (but be mindful not to mistake them for trash!)

Rather than place your clothing in boxes, putting your clothing in garbage bags allows you to access them quicker and easier and keeps them cleaner than placing your clothing into cardboard boxes, which are quick to create dust and leave residue on clothing. While you’ll be sorting through dozens of boxes, you’ll likely only be bringing a few garbage bags with you, making it easier to find your clothing. Garbage bags can also double as garment bags for the clothing you keep on hangers; simply cut a slit in the bottom of the garbage bag and push the hook of the hanger through, then tie the bag off at the bottom.

Tip #5- Unpack toiletries early on!

You’ll be busy unpacking, but you’ll still need to use the facilities in your new home! You can make this easier by bringing a separate bag of toilet paper, paper towels, and travel-sized hand soap until you get your permanent toiletries unpacked, or have the boxes containing items for your bathroom prioritized. Make sure you have at least one set of towels and shampoo, conditioner, and body wash readily available; after all the hard work of unpacking, you’ll want to clean up before going to bed for your first well-earned night’s rest in your new home!

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