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7 Ways To Prep Your Home For Summer

The official start to summer is less than a month away (June 21st to be exact). Now is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for the warmer days ahead…

Outdoor Summer Prep

Inspect Gutters

Many people think that they only need to clean out their gutters in the fall, but spring is just as important with summer storms and growing foliage. Double check that your gutters are strongly affixed to your roof and the downspouts are clear. Be sure to remove or cut back any vegetation that could potentially block the base.

Dust Off Your Mower & Other Yard Equipment

Your lawn equipment has been sitting unused in the garage all winter, so it’s in need of a quick refresh. Remove the spark plug first, then replace filters, change oil, sharpen blades and thoroughly clean.

Tackle Pest Control

Wasp nests can lay dormant all through the winter months and begin to recolonize in the spring, so it is important to eliminate any old nests from around the outside of your home. They are usually found under overhangs and in corners. Also, seal any gaps in windows and doors so other unwanted bugs cannot creep in. If you are prone to a substantial amount of pests in the summer, then it may be a good idea to bring in pest control professionals to spray the outside of your home.

Indoor Summer Prep

Service Air Conditioning

You don’t want to be in the middle of July’s worst heat and have your AC break down, so take care of a little maintenance now…you’ll thank yourself later! Flush drain lines with a cup of bleach and replace filters. Also, take a look at the outside unit to be sure it’s clean and not crowded by any vegetation.

Dust & Rotate Ceiling Fan Blades

This is actually a little-known fact. Ceiling fan blades should spin counter-clockwise in the summer. This pushes air downward and cools the airflow. (Alternately, clockwise spin in the winter months helps redistribute warmer air upward).  Most fans have a switch on the top that changes fan direction when you are ready to do so.

Clean Dryer Vents

Dirty vents can not only increase your utility bill but also pose a fire risk. It’s cheap and simple if you purchase a dryer vent cleaning kit and do it yourself.

Refresh Indoor Plants

Indoor houseplants are pretty low maintenance through the winter and begin to reawaken and flourish when summer rolls around. Make sure you are ready for this by replacing old soil with new potting mix. Also, you may want to rotate plants that have leaned towards the sunlight or place them in new spots. Lastly, remember that they will need more watering during the summer months. This will help them continue to actively grow.

It’s almost summertime and the livin’ should be easy, so make sure it is by checking these few summer prep items off your list. Also, if you are in the market for a new home and would like to talk about financing options, our Loan Experts are standing by ready to help!

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