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7 Fall Decorating Tips

The heat waves of summer are finally behind us, and the chill in the air deepens by the day. Autumn is finally here! Below we’ve gathered our favorite decorating tips to help you celebrate the changing of the seasons.

1. Purchase a fall-themed wreath (or update an old one).

Wreaths are one of the easiest ways to make your home appear festive, with some homeowners choosing to display seasonal wreaths on their front doors no matter the time of year. Autumnal wreaths can be found in many stores in every size and color imaginable. Perhaps you already own an autumn-themed wreath. Consider giving it just a handful of upgrades to make it that much more ready for the season. Sprigs of faux cranberries purchased from a craft store brighten up old wreaths with a warm burst of red. Miniature cinnamon brooms, also found in craft stores, present a pleasant aroma to your guests from the front door when tucked strategically into the wreath.

2. Spruce up the dining area with a new table runner.

With table cloths nowadays being reserved for special occasions and holidays, many people favor a bare tabletop when decorating their dining room for everyday use, but there is a way to keep the visual of the bare tabletop while adding just a touch of color and elegance through the use of a table runner. Purchase a table runner in fall colors, red, gold, yellow, or a combination of the three, and place a neutral centerpiece (such as a glass vase filled with pine cones) on top.

3. Swap out light-colored candles for darker hues.

Candles are available in just about every color you can imagine, so why not take this opportunity to experiment with the darker, richer end of the spectrum? Deep red candles in gold candlesticks remain a classic and striking option, and combinations of pillar candles and votives in reds, plums, and golds make a statement when placed on a platter and used as a centerpiece. Keep the color palette warm and you really can’t go wrong!

4. Reinvigorate your floral arrangements by incorporating fall foliage.

Stalks and strands of autumnal leaves in the tell-tale orange, red, and brown are readily available in nature at this time of year! If you want a longer lasting option, however, faux picks are available for purchase at craft stores and act as perfect, season-appropriate transitions to existing floral arrangements. The hues of the autumn leaves complement most colors, so no matter your existing arrangements or centerpieces, the foliage and flowers will look lovely together!

5. Make your front porch festive with a display of ceramic or lighted pumpkins.

As fun as jack-o-lanterns are, they unfortunately don’t keep for very long, with lanterns made from the healthiest pumpkins lasting only five to ten days. Even if you don’t carve the pumpkin after your visit to the pumpkin patch the chance it will rot before the season ends is high, thanks to the fluctuation of temperature from day to night and the exposure to elements during the autumn. To save yourself the hassle of cleaning up a pumpkin-y mess, think about buying fake pumpkins for your outdoor display. Ceramic holds up well in all manner of weather, and there are even lighted options. Who said lighted displays were just for Christmas?

6. Repurpose mason jars into rustic vases or lanterns.

Whether you have jars saved from previous purchases or track down some unused ones yourself, mason jars can be used to add a farmhouse touch that is very on-trend for this season. As a vessel, mason jars are incredibly versatile and hardy, meaning you can use them as decoration inside or outside your home. Some options for how you decorate the jars include wrapping in twine, filling with battery-operated twinkle lights, or painting in autumnal colors using chalk or milk paint and using the jar to hold colorful flowers like marigolds.

7. Purchase a potted mum plant for a pop of seasonal color.

One of the easiest tips of all is to purchase a mum to keep on display on your porch, patio, or in your window. Mums are a popular plant choice this time of year, so sought after that even most grocery stores carry them for purchase during the month of September. The flowers come in a variety of colors and you can count on them flowering well with proper care.


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