We specialize in condo financing that’s easy and affordable.

Before you load up the moving van, you'll want to make sure you've squared away financing for your new condo. While many loan programs could fit, it's important to use a lender that has a specialized condo process, like Southern Trust Mortgage. There are subtle differences between buying a condo versus a stand-alone home. We're here to make sure your journey home goes as smoothly as possible.

Key Features of Condo Loans

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Costs for Utilities are Reduced

Many condo associations pay for certain utility costs with condo association fees. Some of these costs may include: water, basic cable, trash removal, etc. When you receive the condo documents from the seller, make sure to review them carefully!

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Less Maintenance Required

There are many perks to living in a condo, one of which is not having as much maintenance. Often, the condo association will upkeep lawns and maintain common areas, allowing you to enjoy the pool you always wanted without having to do anything to it!

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A Great Option for Families

Do you have a millennial that you want out of your home, but they can’t afford to purchase something of their own? A condo might be the perfect option if you are able to make the purchase and still qualify for owner-occupancy programs and rates; your child won’t even need income or assets to qualify!

Advantages of Condo Ownership


If you want to live in the heart of a city, a condo might be the way to go. You can often find them in high concentrated, downtown areas.


Packing up and leaving for a vacation is often less stressful when living in a condo because you are surrounded by neighbors. Additionally, in some condos, there are extra security features such as a buzzer or guard service. If this is your second home and you are only there for part of the year, this extra security is particularly helpful!


Unlike some housing communities, many condo developments have extra amenities. Often, you’ll find that condos have a communal pool, tennis court and gym.

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